searift sells lovingly designed fangoods for horror and games/anime media alike,
with a smidgen of melancholy

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❖ Why does my wooden item look faded? ❖
Don't worry, that's a protective paper peel I leave on my wooden charms and pins. You can carefully peel it off from a rounded corner to reveal the design.

❖ When will I restock ___? ❖
I restock most goods regularly every couple of months, but some more specialty items like complex acrylic keychains, fanbooks, and patches can take much longer. No plans on restocking: soft buttons, epoxy charms, some out of stock charm/pin designs (feel free to ask!)

❖ Can I commission you for custom merch or illustrations? ❖
Yes, you can check out my commissions page on my carrd linked above for general pricing, and/or ask for more info through my socials. I check my email, Etsy, and Twitter most often.